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Flutter v/s Kotlin

Flutter v/s Kotlin: Who Will Rule the Cross-platform App Development Market?

19, October 2020 | Category: Blog

From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, we use mobile apps for every little thing - be it for ordering food, listening to music, playing games or connecting with our loved ones. With a growing use of mobile apps and the plethora of benefits it…

How Healthcare Mobile App Development Services is Changing Patient Care ?

23, September 2020 | Category: Blog

Out of the 2.56 million mobile apps available on Google Play Store in 2020, almost 400,000 of them fell into the Healthcare category. With more and more healthcare providers and innovators investing in Mobile App Development Services, it makes you wonder just how beneficial it is in changing patient care for…

Add Me to Search: Google Launches Virtual Business Cards

21, August 2020 | Category: Blog

Every one of us at some point has tried to Google ourselves to see what search results show up. If you are a celebrity, then you probably saw a duly updated Knowledge Panel which listed your background, your profession, and your achievements along with links to your website and social…

The Best Times to Post on Social Media in 2020

13, August 2020 | Category: social media

As a business owner, you may make the best content and the best graphics, but it may still yield no substantial online traction unless it is posted at the right time. In order to maximize social media engagement, it is important for you to know when each network hits its…

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